5 Ways of How To Increase Restaurant Sales

How To Increase Restaurant Sales

How to increase the sales of restaurant is the big problem for every restaurant owner. Most of the restaurant owners are seeking for the method to improve their restaurant business. And we understand almost every restaurant owner eager to achieve the next level of their restaurant’s performance.

Local restaurant owners work very hard to build up their business, in terms of come out with a new menu, manage their staff, advertise their restaurant, and plan the whole operation system from front line ordering to kitchen preparation until payment procedure. Especially rush hour or peak season, it’s become more challenging for restaurant owners.

Nowadays, another challenge is customers are more emphasized on the value that they experience from your restaurant, not only food and beverage. You can try to think on behalf of your customer, what they really needs from your restaurant that can satisfy them.

When you know “Value is King”, that means you are able to build a very good relationship with your customers. Because your customers trust you and they are satisfied with the value that you provide for them.

The connection between customer perceive value with restaurant sales increase is because happy customer spread the good word, and they will become your testimonials to attract more new customers. At the same time, they will go to your restaurant more frequently.

There are some tips share with you to provide value to your customers:

1) Know Your Customer Better Can Increase Restaurant Sales

Restaurant is no longer only focus on selling food and beverage. But, it is more to focus on the interaction with customers. The interaction must be start from “How Much That You Know Your Customers”.

Customers love the restaurant that knows their taste very well, and the tendency that customers will back to the restaurant is very high. In other word, this is what we call customer relationship management.

In the traditional way, you can always collect the feedback from customers through the conversation with them or put a feedback box in your restaurant.

Why customer’s feedback is so important for you? Because customer’s feedback is the powerful sources for you to upgrade your restaurant to the next level.

From the customer’s feedback, you may know their favorite dishes and drinks in your restaurant. And this is a good hint for you to tackle the taste of your customers.

When you know the taste of your customers, you may come out new flavor dishes and drinks for them. It will always keep your customers feel surprise to taste your new flavor dishes and drinks.

Hence, your customers will share their dining experience for their friends and family members or even through social media.

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2) Build a Systematic Operation Flow

Restaurant with good operation system is able to provide value for your customers in terms of well organize seating system, ordering system and kitchen operating system.

When customers walk in your restaurant, you must have mindset of “They Deserve to Get The Best Services” from you.

You can provide the best service for your customers through the well organize seating system. Each dining table and chair arranges according with the layout of restaurant. Try to fit every dining table and chair in a comfortable space for your customers.

Build a standard ordering system for your staff will help them to work with efficient and lower mistake. Ordering mistake is often happen in most of the restaurant, this is because staff will miss out to take order from the walk in customers, especially during peak hour with crowd condition, or sometime your staff forgets to send the order for kitchen.

In order to satisfy your customers, you have to build a systematic connection between the seating system, ordering system and kitchen operating system.

3) Happy Staffs Make Happy Customers

Successful restaurant owner is able to provide a clear direction for staffs to perform their job. Clear direction will prevent from unnecessary mistake that reduce staff’s job satisfactions, staff will definitely work with more confident and good emotion.

Your staffs is the front line of your restaurant, they represent restaurant’s image and help you to deal with your customers. You can guide your staffs about the etiquette and attitude on dealing with customers.

In addition, you can train your staff some upselling techniques. Such as describes the item on menu for customers. You have to make sure your staff is really clear with all the items on menu.

Guide your staff to promote new dishes, seasonal promotions, lunch and dinner special price for customers. Make sure the information delivered accurately from your staff to the customers.

When you able to draw out a clear picture for your staff to perform their job, they will definitely bring a lot of good result for your restaurant.

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4) The Power of Social Media

Come to the tip number 4. Social Media. You may wonder how to increase restaurant sales by using Social Media? Grateful to this digital marketing era, and you can easily advertise your restaurant to public through social media (Such as Facebook and Instagram). This can bring an effective result for the public to know your restaurant.

You can upload the photo of your restaurant’s environment to your Facebook Page or Instagram and it is really effective to attract people to go for your restaurant. At the same time, you can build up your restaurant’s image through social media.

Hence, you can also try to advertise your restaurant’s main dishes and drinks or any promotions to your social media. Don’t forget to insert your restaurant’s address and contact number in your social media platform, this is to provide more information about your restaurant for potential customers.

You need to update your Facebook Page and Instagram regularly, you can upload the photo of your new foods and drinks with promotion until which date. This is to attract more people try your new foods and drinks.

You can also launch Facebook Ads by targeting the people that interested with your restaurant. For example, if you open a Café, you may target people that love coffee, cakes or tea.

If you are not good in digital marketing, you may outsource the marketing part for a digital marketing agency to handle the advertising.

5) Keep in Touch With Your Repeat Customers

You can ask your customers to provide their personal information such as their name, birthday and contact number. This is a useful data for you to keep in touch with your customers. The best way to keep your customer data is using an iPad Pos System. A good Pos System must has the feature of customer relationship management, inventory management, employee management and etc.

During some festival or customer’s birthday, you can use email, social media or even by phone calling to contact your customers, and tell them to receive their rewards. For example, you can reward them a birthday cake.

Keep in touch with your customers will maintain a good and long term relationship, this is the way for you to provide value for your customers.

Thanks because of willing to spend your invaluable time for reading this article, we appreciate the spirit of local restaurant owners to manage their restaurant with passion, determination and proactive. We really hope that all the restaurant owners will keep growing and improve continuously.





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