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Genius pos system

How To Simplify Your Restaurant Operation By Clicking On An iPad?

Pos (Point of Sale) System is a system integrate software and hardware to process the transaction between the customer and seller. Whereas iPad Pos System is a better version of Pos System where the seller can easily process the transaction with a single iPad.

How iPad Pos System Works?

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The waiter/waitress will taking order from the customers by clicking on the ipad only.

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Send To Kitchen

The chef will receive an order list and prepare the food accordingly.

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Link To Cashier

Received the order and automatically calculate the total amount of the bill.

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Cloud Report

Cloud system auto generating the real time report. The restauranteur can check the report at anytime anywhere.

Advantages of Using iPad Pos System

  • High Accuracy
    High Accuracy

    Pos System would enable servers to take orders directly onto an iPad instead of memorising orders or writing them down, both of which have the potential for error.

  • Faster Checkout
    Faster Checkout

    With a good iPad Pos System, cashiers can ring up customers quickly. They also have access to product information much more swiftly, which enables them to help customers efficiently.

  • Streamline Sales Process
    Streamline Sales Process

    Orders taken straight onto an iPad can also be sent directly to the kitchen, eliminating that extra step of physically taking orders either written on paper or by memory to the cash register.

  • Ease of Training
    Ease of Training

    The employee training required was minor as the Genius Pos System allow the employer conduct demo in training mode.

  • Reduce Costing
    Reduce Costing

    Buying a package of iPad Pos System cut cost because it provides many essential business tools in a single package.

  • Enhance Customer Service
    Enhance Customer Service

    POS systems store and maintain customer’s full purchase history that you can access on your dashboard. You can access customer information anytime and gauge who among them are your most valuable customers.


Why Our Clients Choose Us

Genius Pos System

Powerful Features

Featured with management of people, inventory, customer relationship, table and cloud real time reporting.

User Friendly

The icon is big and adjustable to user convenience.


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Recommended by experience restauranteur as the most simple and easy to use ipad pos system.


Genius POS System is operated under IOS and IOS consider as stable device compare to other.

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