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waitress ordering (A)

Waitress Ordering

Say goodbye to paper menu! Genius waitress ordering system will make it easy for your employees to collect online orders using a tablet or etc. It supports devices from iPad, iPad mini, iPod to iPhone. It allows your customers to place orders from ipad which automatically gets sent to the kitchen. No physical order chit / order paper needed.

1.Simple but Powerful Feature
4.Incredible User Friendly

An order can be collected with just one click on the iPad. Restaurant employees will also inform the customer about order processing time. They don’t have to note anything down or memorize any order detail.
All information is presented on the screen. At the same time, restaurant owner decide which employee has access to which features of the order handling system. For instance, server can only see incoming orders, the manager can handle marketing functions, while restaurant owner can have access to all the information.
From the point of view from the customer, an online food ordering system ensures a quick order-placement process. For your employee, a waiter ordering system will ensure a better work organization. It also gives store owners real time data on orders and earnings that sync with Genius cloud services at anywhere anytime they want. It is very convenient and restaurant will have fully automatic menu which will make your restaurant of cafe more efficient and modern.

table QR Ordering (A)

Table QR Ordering

With Genius QR online ordering feature, it instantly turn your offline restaurant to an online restaurant. Your restaurant menu can be sync in between your iPad and online order, this way it will save cost on printing physical menu, make changes on your menu anytime you wish. Next , when customer order online for food delivery through Genius QR ordering, all orders will be sync between online and cashier and straight to kitchen, no more *double entry and this will avoid mistakes or error happen.

Genius Pos Art Work 2

Furthermore, restaurants owner can setup collection / delivery rules, charges, promo code and pre order to attract customers through Genius QR online ordering. *if you’re using other food delivery platform, orders will not sync to your POS system and therefore it will be double work from customer ordering to waitress create another entry for the particular food delivery order. Genius QR online ordering is integrated with eGHL for online payment, accept credit card, E wallet and various online banking platform, and also posses reliable connection online and offline. QR online ordering are also applicable for table ordering which makes ordering super easy and fast, customer scans QR Code that will be placed on the table, browse through menu online, make changes on the item based on their preferences and send the order directly to the kitchen. Restaurant owner are able to cut down on their monthly fixed expenses effectively by employ lesser amount of waiter/ waitress.

cloud service (A)

Genius Cloud Management

Genius cloud management helps to summarise all shop sale on a beautiful dashboard, auto sync all data to cloud and able to access from anywhere, any device at anytime.


Cloud services also manage to generate report on cloud, and able to consolidate multiple branches report at once. Restaurant owners able to manage all item be it the menu item or the inventory on cloud as well. It also make sure restaurant never run out of stock with optimum and minimum quantity setting under the cloud services.

2.In App Report

And genius cloud support API access and Xero accounting integration which all the sales data are able to sync with the Xero accounting software automatically to make it easier and smoother process for restaurant’s accounting department.​

kitchen pos system (A)

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Kitchen display system helps to simplify communications between servers and kitchen staff. When server ring up orders in Genius POS, kitchen display system immediately brings them right in front of your kitchen staff eyes, no time wasted and reduce human errors.


Genius kitchen display system has several views to fit the needs of the restaurants that use it. You can use order views, item views, prep views, and order ready views for different situations.

Kitchen staffs may also monitor the time it take to prepare each dish and able to trace the average preparation time needed for every item on the menu, summary on itemise product quantity to find out the best selling product in the menu and vice versa.

Genius Kitchen display system will route food to the appropriate kitchen station / terminal example grill, pantry, fryer, etc. Routing makes sure that food items are moved in the right direction. Colourful kitchen display dashboards also help kitchen staff to identify clearly table ordering / takeaways and delivery orders respectively.

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