POS Main

The POS Main System includes iOrder, iDisplay and iCloud


The iOrder is the Mobile Terminal ( which means hand held devices such as iPad, iPhone, Mini iPad or even iPod Touch ) linking to your main system, where your waiters could conveniently take orders with modifiers, configure discounts, split or merge bills or tables, and many more. The mobile terminal enables a waiter to take order with haste and immediately send to kitchen, reducing tedious process of handwriting, the risk of confused orders and eliminates running around the restaurants. The mobile terminal constantly retrieves information from the primary screen. With a "mini POS" in your waiters’ pockets, they could reduce their dependency on the primary screen. Efficiency means less time wasting and cut down on manpower, hence increased profits and reduced costs.

Point of Sales

  • Taking orders with modifier
  • Discount on bill or item by price/percentage
  • Split bills by percentage, pax or item
  • Merge bill or table
  • Item search
  • Multiple terminal synchronization


The iDisplay is the “screen display device at the sales counter to monitor orders and link to kitchen for the chefs to prepare accordingly.


As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is only natural that you’d be constantly away from your outlet. Genious POS allows you to know the happenings in your restaurants from anywhere in the world, over the internet.

Once logged in to iCloud, you will see each outlet as if you were there, live. For your total convenience, all In-Apps reports in the iPad are also made available in the Cloud.

Cloud is build especially to help business with multiple outlets. Add unlimited mobile terminals ( iPads, etc ) into your Cloud and we'll automatically group your data into "branches". You can view reports for individual outlet or a summary of all outlets with a single click.